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DisH - Dooms day

Изображение Описание наград Дата
1 изображение
Работа дня 07.10.2015     15:00:01

DisH - Dooms day

Музыкальный файл

Stanislav Belyaev

Описание работы:
Stanislav Belyaev - Vox
Dmitry Galtsinov - Guitar
Mark Shavlovsky - Solo guitar
Maks Maltsev - Keys
Sergei Morne - Bass guitar
Aleksey Oganov - Drums


Текст: "Doom's day"

Doom's Day
All the time

You make them second-class goods!
Minutes and hours
Of your assigment!

Trying to steer clear of hopes
As long as you can
But will the rain fall
Before the Doom came?

Doom's Day
All the time

Nothing there
Should be?
And what if
i'm wrong?

Plays that thing
To understand the things
around me

when I was young
I wanna to play
But now im crazy maaaan

what if
i'm wrong?

And when you think about it
It' s really far from you
You don't need realize
It surely happen one day

When you will sleep in your bed
Or when you'll play with your son
No matter how it will happen
End will come

So if you want to think twice
Or want to wait a while
Remember only one thing
Your life belong to you

Stop whining
Take your way
To stars you dream about
Your god will help you
Untill you want

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